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The Dry Case

SKU : dc-13

Will it work?

YES – With the vacuum seal, just like our waterproof medical covers, IT IS THE BEST WATERPROOF CASE OUT THERE AT ANY COST! We have made medical products with the same vacuum technique for more than 10 years. If a surgery was to get wet, it might get infected. When used properly with the vacuum intact the device inside the case will stay completely Dry.

What makes your case better then the others on the market?

The DryCASE is TRULY completely waterproof. We don’t just claim to be completely waterproof but we demonstrate it with our vacuum seal. The vacuum seal takes all the air out of the case so there is no way that water can enter. There can be no exchange of gas (air) for liquid (water). The vacuum seal also allows full use of your touch screen because it seal flush on the face of the phone.

The DryCASE also features a 3 way headphone jack.

When used properly under the vacuum seal your device will remain completely dry. There are many ways for electronics to get wet and there is no way of knowing how anyone’s electronic device might have been damaged. Many of us have wet and broken devices from earlier accidents (this is why Dry Case was invented!) We cannot assume responsibility for wet devices otherwise people could send or return all their old electronics to us. Again under the vacuum seal your device will remain completely dry.